March 16, 2013


I have always been a huge fan of Joie, but I am especially impressed by some of their newest pieces--especially their warm-weather bottoms. I've been looking for both pants and shorts in light, airy materials and Joie's renditions fit the bill quite nicely.

Further, they really seem to have gotten the cut right as well. Both their Petrona Pants and their Mardina Pants are made of linen, cropped, and have a loose body.


I am also loving the loose-ness of their shorts! Shorts should never be tight at the hem... even on the skinniest girl, this will be far from flattering. In my opinion, shorts should be short, but also loose and casual-looking--as if they are an afterthought. Joie does this well with both their Stroud Shorts in linen as well as their Beso Shorts in crepe silk.


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