January 29, 2013


So after much trial and error I finally settled on two striped tops for Christmas. (I write of them now because they just recently arrived in the mail). I went with the Saint James Galathée tee, pictured below. I went with classic navy and white stripes for one, red and cream for the other.

I sized way up because I prefer a boxier, more relaxed cut so I can roll up the sleeves and loosely tuck them into jeans. They were a bit too big at first, but after washing and drying they shrunk up a bit (I'll be hang-drying them hereafter).  They still are a teensy bit large in the sleeves--the only reason I mind is because they have a bit of trouble staying rolled up so I may just sew a stitch in each to keep them in place!

That said, I am so pleased with these purchases. My old striped shirts were getting dingy and it was time for an update!

My favorite aspect is the slightly thicker material--not quite as thick as many Saint James tees, but a bit thicker than the striped tops I had to return from Chance Co.. I liked it, the tissue-tee feel--which is great for some!--wasn't quite what I was looking for.

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  1. I wish I had sized up on the SJ tee. I purchased my regular size and after washing they are quite short in the body :(