December 2, 2011

Elle UK.

Shot in 2010 for the October edition of Elle UK. In my humble opinion: best spread in a magazine. Ever. Everything you need, all laid out for you:
    1. Pea Coat
    2. Tux
    3. Trench
    4. Classic Coat (Camel Coat)
    5. Leather Jacket
    6. Tweed Jacket
    7. Shearling Jacket
    8. Breton Shirt
    9. White Tee
    10. White Shirt
    11. Blouse
    12. Black Cashmere Sweater
    13. Grey Marl Sweatshirt
    14. Cigarette Pants
    15. Jeans
    16. Pencil Skirt
    17. Little Black Dress
    18. Evening Dress
    19. It Bag
    20. Scarf
    21. Animal Print
    22. Ballet Flats/Pumps (flats for me)
    23. Pumps
    24. Ankle Boots
    25. Cargo Pants
The two trendy items - ankle boots and cargo pants - I put at the end of the list, but otherwise it is perfect.  I would probably sub a pair of really nice, flat riding boots for the ankle boots.  Other personal additions are below. I was also pleasantly surprised by the tweed jacket; I usually feel that particular style looks dated, but it really translated in black.
  1. Flat Leather Boots
  2. Barbour Coat
  3. Black Shift
  4. Classic Men's Watch
  5. Sunglasses
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(Photographer: David Vasiljevice; Title: The Word Girl; Features: Coco Rocha)

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